Re: Deionized water blues


You could try phoning Hydro at 301-770-2120.  They take very good care of us
in the Balto/DC area, including A 24/7 Help line (in fact I just phoned them
late last night & they're bringing us new filters this morning!).  I don't
know whether they deliver to your area but imagine they could be talked into
it, or else point you toward someone who does.  Good luck!   Susan Bachus
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Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 8:19 AM
Subject: Deionized water blues

> 1) Does anyone know of a supplier of filters for deionized water systems
in the United States OTHER THAN the U. S. Filter Corporation? That company
seems unable to deliver the right filters, in a timely manner, to the right
address! I need the filters that attach to the spigot.
> 2) Which begs the question - How do those Gram negative organisms get to
live in deionized water? There are no nutrients for them to live on, except
each other, and some of those wind up in my filters! Not much of a life for
a bacteria!
> Thanks in advance
> (Curious) Mike Titford
> USA Pathology
> Mobile AL USA

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