RE: Xylene-resistant Labels and barcodes or OCR

From:"Morken, Tim"

Raymond Lamb showed a new specimen tracking system called AutoBlock at the
NSH meeting that uses a barcode/OCR scanner. The software for their labeler
will print barcodes and regular text labels. Their special scanner will read
barcodes and also will read the text on the slide (through OCR software).
This may be the best of both worlds. The software will also print labels and
is designed as a specimen or slide tracking system.

You'll have to ask your rep about this - it is not on their website.

DAKO also makes a labeler and labels that are xylene-resistant. They have a
plastic flap that covers the label after it is made that makes it permanent.
DAKOS new stainer software does handle barcodes, but I'm not sure you could
use it for general lab use since it is designed for the Autostainer.

Tim Morken

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Subject: Xylene-resistant Labels

Greetings HistoNet:

We are looking to put barcodes on our slides for
identification and tracking purposes.  Can anyone
recommend the following:
- a source for labels that are xylene-resistant
- a good printer to print these labels
- anything else I might need to know so I don't have
to re-invent the wheel

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is a
high-priority project for us.

L. Barkley
SBS BioLabs
Tucson, AZ

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