RE: Storage of frozen sections

From:Patsy Ruegg

I cut frozen sections and let them airdry at least one hour and preferible 
overnight before wrapping them individually in foil, I just take a long 
piece of foil and roll the slides one over the other to seal them, I usually 
put them in groups of 10 or so, so I only have to take out a group rather 
that the whole batch when ready to stain.  Then I place them in a zip lock 
bag with some dessicant in the bottom.  They are stored at -70 until needed.
To remove the slides for staining, I carry a zip lock bag or plastic food 
storage container with a sealed lid which has a good layer of dessicant in 
the bottom to the -70 and working quickly in the freezer I remove one foil 
sealed group of slides and quickly place it in the transport container, 
reseal both and let the removed slides sit sealed with dessicant at RT for a 
min. of 30 minutes, usually 1 hour.  Now when I remove the slides sitting at 
RT they are RT and dry.  They would then be ready to fix and stain.

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From: Gayle Callis 
To: Patsy Ruegg ,
Subject: RE: Storage of frozen sections
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:37:20 -0700

Patsy and Chris,

Could you elaborate on how these sections are stored, in slide boxes (what
kind?) sealed, zip lock baggies, etc? With dessicant in containers???  How
long do you air dry before storage, and how long do you let them air dry
before opening a container to prevent water condensation?? and before
actual fixation.

This would be helpful and I know there is additional information in
Histonet Archives - was discussed a few years ago -

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