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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Preparations and needs.
        1.  File folder box, for 8.5 x 11 storage on book shelves (with a snap clasp and both end and side lift)
(close example:
        2.  Poster cardboard (rollup type) cut into pieces to fit.
        3.  3/8" Tygon tubing, cut into 3/8" lengths (5 per sheet, one in middle)
        4.  Stack sheets as sections are added
        5.  Store cool place until needed.  (I've rescued some, just for effect, after 5 years of neglect)
Best method for storing serial sections of embryos.  And I should have used Cynthia's warm forceps, but I didn't.
Fred Monson

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Did not see an answer to this. I did this a few[okay more than a few] years ago. Many years ago you could get hosiery boxes from a department store. How many remember those??? More recently I found boxes from computer address labels work well. I would put the paraffin strip on a piece of printer paper lightly attach on the top and bottom of ribbon with warm forceps and label on the paper. Actually works  pretty well and can store in this fashion for over a year.

Cynthia Favara
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Subject: Storage Needs

I have two storage problems:
    1) What is the best method of saving paraffin cut ribbons for later use? This is a large study and I will have quite a few ribbons that need to be protected.
    2) I need cardboard grid boxes (12X13" with 1X1 1/4" openings grid insert) (like a scintillation tube box) to arrange boxes for a tissue array study. Any ideas where I could order them?
Thank you, I appreciate the help.
SeonaCherie Hansen

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