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From:Jenny Oblander

Here is the method from Dr.David Brigati.

3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTS)........10mls.
Acetone-certified ACS grade................490 mls.
Deionized distilled water

1.Mix acetone and APTS, place in a glass staining dish.
2.Fill 3 staining dishes with deionized distilled water.
3.Immerse racks in 1st dish(APTS/acetone) for 2 minutes.
4.Drain slides and dip 5 times in each dish filled with deionized D.W.*
5.Drain slides,place in a 80 degree C oven allow to dry for 30 minutes.
6.Store slides in dust free box at room temperature.
* change water after 5 racks of slides.

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Hi Rosalba

This is the method we use.

Protocol for sialinization of slides

  Mix 10ml silane within 500ml acetone (solution is stable for 8 hours - the
colour will change with time), Dip clean (acid washed), dry slides in silane
solution for 2 minutes.  Dry slides in fume hood. Wash slides with 2 changes
of water (distilled). Dry completely in an oven and cool.

Hope this helps

Zenobia Haffajee



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> Hi All,
> Does anyone please have a rliable method for silanising slides. Different
> methods I have come across have varying results in regard to silver
> staining.
> Thanks
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