RE: Sakura vs. Leica coverslippers

From:"Goodwin, Diana"

We have had a similar problem here w/ the Tissu-Tek tape coming loose from
the slide w/ the tissue attached.

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Ross, When I was the Technical 'Director at University of Chicago, the
problem we saw with the tape coming off was that the tissue section was on
the tape and not on the slide.  If you don't have the block or nothing is
left in the block you now have no documentation on that patient.  That can
become a problem with any legal issues.  Sukura told me at that time it was
the way I stored the slides.  Our slides were stored in a hallway.

In any event, each person has to adequately evaluate instruments for their
situaition.  What works in one place may not work in another.  

Cathy Locallo

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> We have had the Sakura for 10 years.  It rarely has broken down and is
> usually back up within hours from our in house Bio Med Repair crew.  I
> can't remember the last time we had to coverslip by hand.  I hope I didn't
> just jinx myself.
> The issue with the tape coming off is true.  We didn't notice anything
> until recently, and it has yet to be a real problem involving cases we
> need.  Our slides were moved off site to a storage area that was supposed
> to be climate controlled, but it really isn't.  Only after this have we
> started noticing a problem with old slides.  Also Sakura really stresses
> keeping them in xylene long enough before coverslipping and using a larger
> amount of xylene on the coverslipper than their original recommendations.
> For ease of use and reliability you can't beat it in my opinion.  Ask me a
> few years down the road, and if I end up recutting a lot of old cases my
> answer might be different though.
> Ross Stapf

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