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Nice thought but it doesn't work that way in the federal sector.

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> If you're On Call and must avail yourself in the event of an emergency,
> you should receive the same 'on call' pay that the Radiology techs,
> ultrasound, etc. receive as well. The minimum you should get if you come
> in is 2 hours Call back pay, even if you are only there 10 minutes.
> Check with your state labor laws.  Your current compensation seems unfair
> to me.  Additionally, if you are required to pick up tissues in your own
> car, and you get into an accident, the hospital is liable for your
> injuries, vehicle damage, injuries if you are at fault, etc - no matter
> what state you live in.  Additionally, your own insurance company may have
> a problem with you using your car 'for work purposes'.  (you are a
> courier, and on the clock)  I'll bet the hospital hasn't thought of/ know
> that.  Bring it up to Risk Management.   
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> Hi!  We are interested in finding out how other labs handle the inevitable
> middle of the night phone calls when the alarm sounds on the tissue
> processor.  Who is responsible for dragging him or herself into the lab at
> three a.m. to resolve the problem, and does that person get paid to be "on
> call"?  Also, if your processor is going to be down for a few days or
> more, and a neighboring facility is gracious enough to process your
> tissues, (Thank You, Northside!!!) who is the lucky one driving miles away
> to deliver and pick up the tissues?  How is that person compensated for
> this service?   
> Here is our situation.  Our Pathologist acts as our supervisor.  We have
> three techs, so we have decided to rotate the months between the three of
> us to be responsible for answering those middle of the night calls.  We do
> not get paid to be "on call", but we do punch in when we get here, and
> then punch out when we leave.  If we are here for an hour, they like us to
> try to leave an hour early at some time during the week to balance it out.
> When our processor has been down for days at a time, we have driven our
> tissues to a neighboring hospital ourselves, and picked it up in the
> mornings ourselves as well.  For this, we are paid mileage from hospital
> to hospital, and our start time is considered to be the time we arrive at
> to pick up the tissue.   
> We would very much appreciate your input and suggestions!  Thanks very
> much!   
> Laura Jones 
> Sharon Regional Health System 
> Sharon, PA 
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