Cracks no more=Kudos to Nicola

In a world where people are more willing to take the time to complain than
they are to compliment I am not surprised that my compliment to Nicola was
received by more than person with confusion. I guess my intentions could
not be read through my explanation
KUDOS to Nicola, I wish more responses to the histonet were like hers and
included the explanation of how the problem was solved.
Good job on filling everyone in on how you fixed things.

Original email:
Although  I had no input into this thread, I was impressed enough by
Nicole's update on the way the problem was solved that I had to write.
While I appreciate the "thank yous" that people send to those who provided
advice, they are much more beneficial when they come with a "how I ended up
fixing the problem" explanation. Thanks Nicole.

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