disposable blades

From:Gayle Callis

After years trying every blade I can possibly find, am changing over to
Richard Allan's new RiteEdge, high profile blades - for sturdier
blade/tough tissues, decalcified bone in particular. 

Did some side by side comparisons this past week with Sakura Fineteks
Accuedge, Duraedge, Leica's, etc, etc - cutting mouse nasal turbinates, the
Rite Edge won the contest.   

We find the high profile just as sharp as the low profile, but opt for the
sturdier blade. 

Ask vendors for samples, Shandon has a whole array of blades also and try
them all.  My recommendation may very well not be your favorite, but
comparing blades for your particular paraffin, microtome, tissue samples,
etc can be an education in microtomy. Don'e forget to work with angles, ask
vendors what they recommend, IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  

I have never met a blade that is too sharp!

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