From:Kathy Stanley

Hello everyone! I am trying to justify filling a vacant histotech
position and desperately need some comparison information. Any
information you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

1. Number of surgical and cytology cases per year.
2. Number of blocks and slides per year.
3. Number of special stains.
4. Number of frozen sections and who performs them.
5. Is immunohistochemistry performed on site?
6. If yes to #5, is IHC done manually or with an auto stainer?
7. Number and make-up of personnel ( histotechs, assistants, cytotechs,
cytoprep techs, etc.
8. Percentage of time histo supervisor works the bench.

Thanks to all fro your time and replys!

Kathy Stanley
Laboratory Director
Memorial Hospital
Belleville, IL 62226

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