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Hi Ronnie;

I don't know if anything is foolproof, and I may be missing the point or going in the wrong direction here, but  it has been brought to my attention by those who use our ARGOS system, that one of the biggest advantages is that it can create an image of the sample and any paper work that that comes with it, which becomes a permanent part of the patient record. Imaging is "live" via foot peddle operated video camera, so there's no need to focus or fiddle with it. The system can be interfaced with existing software systems. If this might solve your problem, please give us a call for more information. You can see ARGOS on our website as well.

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Does anyone have a protocol to ensure sample ID remains with the specimen from receipt to sign-out, i.e. a "fool-proof" way to ensure that samples don't get mixed up by the fairies?


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