Re: Yeesh! "Bug controls"?

From:Connie McManus

At 10:45 AM 12/20/01 +0000, Alex Knisely wrote:
>Sharon, why not buy a quarter-pound of hamburger, let it sit on the counter
>overnight at RT, and then cassette it?  You should have buggies galore,
>through and through the mix.

This is a great idea, Alex.  However, I wouldn't wish sectioning hamburger
on my most hated enemy ... it's simply an awful experience.  Try chicken,
turkey or steak instead.  

Happy holidays to all!
Connie McManus

>Alex K
>At 10:13 14/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>>Does any one have a procedure for making Special Stain controls by
>injecting the "bugs" into fresh tissue? Our pathologist have limited the
>use of diagnostic tissue blocks for control blocks.  We need to make some
>in-house blocks.  The microbiology department will supply the  "bugs" but
>we need to get them in the tissue and incubate the tilssue so we get a good
>control.  Any ideas?
>>Thank you,
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