Re: Undecalcified tooth sections


I will have to consult with the researcher about the questions you have asked.  
I will get back with the information.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to 

Bob Meyer 
> Bob 
> I am unfamiliar with sea urchin teeth. Can you give us some idea of the 
> dimensions, degree of mineralization and what the surrounding tissue is like, 
> the thickness of sections that you wish to produce please? 
> Thanks 
> Barry 
> wrote: 
> > Fellow histonetters, 
> > 
> > I have just been presented a project to section undecalcified sea urchin 
> >  Of which, I do not have any experience, but this is the best way to gain 
> > experience.  I have checked the histonet archives and found a debate 
between a 
> > cryoJane Tape transfer system or a durable cryostat fitted with a tungsten 
> > carbide knife.  Could anyone give further information to specific 
literature or 
> > books that could help me get this set up. 
> > 
> > Bob Meyer, HTL 
> > Northwestern University 

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