Re: Undecalcified tooth sections

From:Barry Rittman

I am unfamiliar with sea urchin teeth. Can you give us some idea of the approximate
dimensions, degree of mineralization and what the surrounding tissue is like, also
the thickness of sections that you wish to produce please?
Barry wrote:

> Fellow histonetters,
> I have just been presented a project to section undecalcified sea urchin teeth.
>  Of which, I do not have any experience, but this is the best way to gain
> experience.  I have checked the histonet archives and found a debate between a
> cryoJane Tape transfer system or a durable cryostat fitted with a tungsten
> carbide knife.  Could anyone give further information to specific literature or
> books that could help me get this set up.
> Bob Meyer, HTL
> Northwestern University

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