Re: Haematoxylin


The companies that now sell Harris hematoxylins are making those reagents
without mericuric oxide.  The new formulations are in the more recent
textbooks such as Frieda Carson's book if you prefer to make the
hematoxylin in your lab.  If you move to using a Gill's hematoxylin, and
are working in a clinical setting, you will see that Gill can stain mucin,
blue in GI biopsies.

You may want various companies for samples to try out.  Then you can see
what works best for your lab.

Cathy Locallo
Director,Technical Assistance Center
Leica Microsystems

Rachel Stoat  on 12/19/2001 04:31:06 AM


Subject:  Haematoxylin

For health and safety reasons I am looking for a replacement for Harris's
Haematoxylin (or at least the mecuric oxide in it) which we use on a
linistain.  I would prefer not to buy a ready made solution, and the
need to be similar to what we are getting now.
Any suggestions or references would be appreciated!


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