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 --- Rachel Stoat  wrote: > For health and
safety reasons I am looking for a replacement for
> Harris's 
> Haematoxylin (or at least the mecuric oxide in it) which we use on
> a 
> linistain.  I would prefer not to buy a ready made solution, and
> the results 
> need to be similar to what we are getting now.
> Any suggestions or references would be appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Rachel
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>  Gadsdon's Haematoxylin


An alum haematoxylin Nuclear stain.


1. Dissolve 11.0 g Haematoxylin in 200 ml 99% alcohol.
2. Make a saturated solution of Pot. alum by dissolving Pot. alum in
1200 ml of  water (approx. 120 g needed).
3. Dissolve 1.0 g Sodium iodate in 10 ml distilled water.
4. Add solutions 1 and 2 together.
5. Then add solution 3.
6. Add 40 ml glacial Acetic acid to the solution and leave for 1 hr
at room temperature.
7. Add 600 ml Glycerol.
8. Mix well and filter into bottles.

	Solution 1
	Haematoxylin (COSHH H I)	11.0 g
	99% alcohol (COSHH H I) HF	200 ml
	Solution 2
 	Potassium alum (COSHH I)	120 g approx.
	Distilled water	1200 ml
	Solution 3
	Sodium iodate (COSHH T I)	1.0 g
	Distilled water	10 ml

	Acetic acid (conc.) (COSHH C I) F	40 ml

	Glycerol (COSHH)	600 ml

F I L T E R   B E F O R E   U S E !

N.B. In addition to the normal components stained by haematoxylin,
this formula also stains mucopolysaccharides (e.g. mucous cells) a
pale blue colour. This is an unusual reaction.


Hazardous substance 

Haematoxylin (as dry powder) Harmful Possible Carcinogen
Wear gloves when handling solutions, wear gloves, face mask and
plastic apron when
making up solutions. Make up solutions in fume cupboard.

99% alcohol (Industrial meths) Harmful Irritant
Wear gloves when handling.

Acetic acid (conc.) Corrosive Irritant
Wear gloves and make up dilute solutions in fume cupboard.

Potassium alum Irritant May be Harmful
Wear gloves when handling.

Glycerol May be Harmful May be Irritant
Wear gloves when handling.

N.B. After any powder is weighed out, it must be put into the solvent
straight away.  It must not be transferred from the weighing room to
another room as a powder.
After the stain/chemical has been made, the balance and surrounding
work bench area must be wiped clean.


Hazardous substance 
99% alcohol (Industrial meths) Highly Flammable
Store in Flammable Bin and replace immediately after use.

Acetic acid (conc.) Flammable
Store in Flammable Acid Bin and return immediately after use.

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