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I have been a medtech, histotech and a PA (on-job-trained 9 yrs as PA) and have decided to take a year's sabbatical... possibly longer if the freelancing idea would work for myself in this semi-remote area of the world!!  Our company has been down-sizing to the extent that I feel that I would have suffered a major burn-out if I would have continued my tenure.  My father has been confined to a nursing home and the farm has suffered neglect since his absence... I need to dedicate several months to the farm's revitalization... but want to pursue the freelancing thought...
Any further information and thoughts from you would be greatly appreciated...
Happy New Year,
in Nebraska
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in my area i've been told that ht's run about 20-25/hr and htl's 25-30/hr with all expenses paid. this would be very nice for some one
unattached and willing to travel.
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You might want to try a traveling agency which specializes in your region.  They would take care of housing(fully Furnished), food and traveling expenses, even to the point of a Car Rental.  They place techs in Hospitals, on a temp basis with no long red tape HR process.  MSN, Rapid Temps and a whole host of others.  You can find them in the back of the Advance Magazine or go on-line(
I have used them in the past and found them to be quite lucrative. The Salaries are high due to a clients need.  Check into it and let me know what you think.


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