Re: DuraEdge blades


Depending on the microtome you have, the Leica microtomes have two
different back pressure plates, one for high and another for low profile
blades.  If you determine that you need a different back pressure plate and
have a Leica microtome, you can call the Technical Assistance Center for a
part number and help.  1 (800) 248-0123.  press 2 and listen for the
Specimen prep/Histology message.

Cathy Locallo
Director Technical Assistance Center
Leica Microsystems

"P. Emry"  on 12/20/2001 01:05:17 PM

To:   Amy Porter 
cc:   Laurie Colbert , Histonet

Subject:  Re: DuraEdge blades

I am seeing references to hi and low blades.  What works best for bone?
Do I have get a different blade holder for low profile?



On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, Amy Porter wrote:

>  Dura Edge blades:
> Source Medical Products -
> 1274 Telegraph Road / Lake Forest, IL 60045 / 847-735-9965
>   Laurie Colbert  wrote: Who carries the
Dura-edge blades?
> Laurie Colbert
> Amy S.Porter, HT(ASCP)
> Michigan State University
> College of Human Medicine
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