Re: BCL6

From:Dana Settembre

Hello Elaine,
Have you tried Dako's regular Target retieval Solution?  That's what I use with their antibody at 1:10 too on FFPEhuman tissue, using a LN as a control.
Good Luck
Dana Settembre
University Hospital
Newark, NJ

>>> Elaine Dooley  12/20/01 01:59PM >>>
Dear Histonetters,

Has anyone had success staining formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections for BCL6.  I have tried heat induced epitope retrieval with Trilogy (Cell Marque)and high ph target retrieval  from DAKO on tonsil sections.  I have tried both companies antibodies.  The best staining I had was with high ph target retrieval and the antibody at 1:10.  But I need to get stronger staining.  I have tried amplification on a Ventana immunostainer and also tried staining by a manual method and it is just not dark enough.

Would appreciate any suggestions

Elaine Dooley HTL
Gainesville Fl 

352-265-0111 ext 4-4935

Thanks in advance

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