RE: xylene substitutes

From:"Horn, Hazel V"

check your mounting media.....not all substitutes are compatible with all
mounting medias.......that's where the white fog may be coming from   (if
it's not water)

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> Bruce,
> I have found that an angry Dr. who is bound and determined to smell
> something like a xylene substitue will, in fact, be able to smell any
> product out on the market.  So, use which ever agent you believe works
> best
> and rely on the doctors who rely on you to talk some sense into the
> individual next door.  If he does shut you down, look on the bright side,
> histotechs are in high demand.  Just my opinion...I've never been partial
> to
> doctors who try to intimidate histotechs.
> Good Luck,
> Glen A Dawson  BS, HT & IHC (ASCP)
> Lead IHC Technologist
> Milwaukee, WI
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> Subject: xylene substitutes
> I need to know what xylene substitutes will work well w/ my Leica
> auto-coverslipper. I'm in a temporary suite and the Dr. next door can
> smell
> xylene. It's only about 7ppm but he has a right to complain. 
> 	The thing I'm looking for is a clearing agent that smells like
> nothing at all. Hemo-De won't do. Our Cyto department uses that, and it
> would just make the office next door smell like a citrus grove.
> 	I have one gallon of something called Clear-Rite 3 by Richard Allen.
> Smells ok but I'm getting a milky look around the edges of the slides as I
> use it today. 
> 	I must work fast as the Dr. is angry, and has threatened to "shut us
> down if it doesn't smell better today".
> 	Please & Thank you.
>  Bruce (I am not a rep) Gapinski HT (ASCP)
> PS Happy Holidays

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