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From:Bruce Gapinski

We are in the middle of renovating our Histo/Cyto Labs. As I write, I'm
sitting in a regular Dr. office that we've been jammed into temporarily.
We've ticked off the MD next door w/ our poor ventilation. (make sure yours
works well) If I were you I'd go to great lengths to check w/ your local
Fire Department, City, Haz Materials permit people as soon as possible. I've
found the Fire Department arduous to work with. They are more than happy to
criticize a plan but "are not in the business of preparing plans". But I
have an unusually difficult Fire Department to deal with. The other thing
I'd do is check all the C.A.P. regulations for items you'll need to answer
sooner or later. Double check all counter heights and depths. My embedder
didn't fit on the last counter and they blamed me, or at least tried to. I
don't remember the part about blue prints when I took the HT exam, silly me!
Look at fumes closely! Plan ahead for expansion. We started w/ one grossing
station now I have 3 GrossLab Jrs. I love them! No formaldehyde reading
whatsoever! Don't  rely on stainers to scrub fumes! You may want to vent to
the outside anyway. Take time to treat you staff well. They will be your
best asset. I find myself doing 0% bench work. I feel like McGiver. Every
day I'm piecing together something w/ bailing wire and bubble gum. I think
I'll take next week off. I'm bushed. 
I have the best staff in the world!
Bruce (I am not a rep) Gapinski HT (ASCP)

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		From:	Karen LeClair []
		Sent:	Friday, December 28, 2001 11:27 AM
		Subject:	lab renovations

		Our company is in the process of purchasing a new building
for our
		relocation.  I was wondering if there is anyone out there
that has
		renovated their histology laboratory recently that might
have some
		advice, comments, ect regarding what they did or should have
done, both
		positive and negative, about the renovations. We are very
excited that
		we will have a new laboratory built that will reflect our
need for
		growth and our work flow and we want to make sure we do it
right.  Any
		ideas or suggestions from anyone would be helpful.  Thank
you for your

		Karen LeClair
		Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services
		Bangor,  Maine 04401

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