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From:Robert Geske


you're singing the same blues tune we who routinely work with non human
animal tissue sing ---- just a different verse.  i would suggest purchasing
the antibody conjugated to some reporter (biotin, peroxidase, fluorochrome,
etc) and remove the need for the secondary antibody.  if the antibody is not
available conjugated you could purchase a kit and do the conjugation


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Subject: human-human ihc

Does anyone out there have an IHC procedure for staining human tissue
human Mab's? I have tried to do this by blocking endogrnous peroxidase
H2O2,  IgG activity with a FAB fragment, protein with normal serum, and
biotin with the vectorlabs biotin blocking sysytem, and still have so
background and non-specific staining in the negative controls (IgG whole
molecule) that the slides are unreadable.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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