RE: Leder Stain

From:Hewlett Bryan

RE: Leder Stain


This is one of several methods to demonstrate chloroacetate esterase activity.
The method of Leder utilizes hexazotized pararosaniline.
The reference is;

Leder LD. Uber die seleketive fermentcytochemische darstellung von neutrophilen myeloischen zellen und gevebsmastzellen im paraffinschmitt. Klin Wochenschr 42:553,1964.

The method( a modified version of the Fast Garnet GBC method of Moloney) may be found on pp 416-417, The Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques. Bancroft JD. and Stevens A., 4th Edition 1996, Churchill Livingstone, ISBN 0-443-04760-X.



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