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From:"Renault, Peter"

I agree Gayle, at this time it is easy to forget! I wish all of you from the
GREAT WHITE NORTH the best in the new year, I also want to thank all of you
for your assistance with questions I have had and the responses you provided
me with during the past year. Merry Xmas to all and the best in the New

Pierre Renault Tech 3
Foothills Hospital 11th Floor
Calgary Laboratory Services
FAX 403-283-5589
pager  212-8223 #1933 *

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Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 9:50 AM
Subject: Happy Holiday greetings

I don't think my first message went through, so -

Dear Histonetters,

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year to you and your
families and friends. 

Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology - Marsh Lab
Montana State University - Bozeman
19th and Lincoln St
Bozeman MT 59717-3610

406 994-6367
406 994-4303 (FAX)

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