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Hi Barbara,

the only suggestion that i have is that they are refering to Fekete's
fixative, which is very similar to Davidsons fixative.  i don't have the
formula for it in front of me, but Davidsons is an alcoholic fixative with
fomalin and acetic acid.  it is used frequently in fixing eyes (my
experience has been rodent eyes).

have a good holiday,


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Hello Everyone,

I know it's almost time for the holidays but I have a question for a
fellow researcher here at Genentech;

They would like to know what the FEKETE technique to look at metastasis-
what the solutions are and what the technique is.  It has been published
and sited in many articles dating back to 1970.

If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. I will be
away from the office until January 7th so please reply to the following
email address:

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Have a wonderful holiday that is filled with love and joy.
Barb Wright:)

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