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From:"DeLovino, Salvacion S."

I think Histotechs 'read' slides not to make diagnosis but to check the
over-all staining quality of the slides. Histotechs are still not authorized
to make diagnosis and so if ever they (or rather, 'we') look at the slides
and we see abnormalities, it is not recorded anywhere (at least where I
work). We are only after the quality of the technic or the effectivity of
the reagents we use.

Salvacion Delovino, HTL (ASCP)

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> 	The greatest limitation is EDUCATION. These tests would be
> considered high complexity, requiring the CLIA mandated education level of
> those doing this screening and this in effect would eliminate many
> histotechs.
> These tests are ALREADY considered high complexity and mandated by CLIA.
> And under CLIA, it's the pathologist (not the histologist) who is
> ultimately
> responsible for ALL histology testing.     
> On a more personal issue, having a Her2 positive breast cancer, I am not
> comfortable with a tech making this diagnosis.
> Nor would I be comfortable making this decision for a patient.
> Herceptin is a VERY expensive  ($1200) weekly treatment and I will
> probably
> take it until I die.   (unless I develop heart problems from the herceptin
> itself)     This test (and ER/PR)  determines serious decisions in therapy
> for a breast cancer patient.
> Maybe I am too personally involved with this thread to be subjective.   
> Hazel Horn, HT/HTL 

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