Clearing agents revisited&Vector Color

From:"John C. Dennis"

Dear All

I'm getting caught up in the labyrinths of multiple labeling with Vector
kits.  Great colors but they're fading away like a sunset on winter's
solstice eve.  I recently discovered via the hard road that Vector's
NovaRed is soluble in aqueous mountants.  I've been double labeling with
NovaRed and Vector Blue.  Get a few pics then the red is gone.  I thought
I was going to see glory when I ran a triple label and then, bright boy
that I
am and all, dehydrated and cleared with HemoD.  There is no blue.  Who's
got the blue?

The Vector protocol says the Blue is soluble in xylene and recommends
HistoClear.  HemoD is not xylene but the blue is evidently soluble in
that, too.  Does anyone use HistoClear?  Where can I get some?  Does
know the dirty little secrets about the other Vector colors?

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all.  Oh, and Happy Solstice to
all you Pagans out there.

John Carroll Dennis
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
109 Greene Hall
Auburn University, AL  36849

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