re: automated cassette and slide labeling

From:"Philopena, Jennifer"

Hi Histonet!
Happy holidays!  May all of you be healthy and happy this holiday season and

I have a vision of a fully automated lab and I want to know if any of you
are working in my "futuristic lab."  This is what it's like:

Our experimental animals arrive and are ear tagged (or ,aybe ID'ed with a
Their number will go immediately into a database.
The database will have information on vendor, date of birth, sex, arrival
date, investigator, strain, and protocol number.
A machine will print the Cage Card (does anyone have or know of a machine
that does this?)
During the study we can enter information about the animal into the
When the study is finished and the tissues are ready for processing then the
database can be referenced and the cassettes and slides can be printed.  I'd
love to know what cassette and slide labelers you're all using.

We have a DAKO autostainer in our lab, and use the Seymour labeling system
for our slides.  Does anyone have a cassette labeler that works off the
DAKO, like the Seymour does, or a slide labeler (instead of a label-maker)?
Do any of you import data into the DAKO autostainer from other files?

Over all my vision is to be able ot inter data once, and then reference it
in the future in one big database organized by protocol number.

Thanks for your ideas, and be well!

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