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From:Elaine Dooley

Dear Histonetters,

One of our techs retired and we have an opening for a histotechnologist or histotechnician.  We have a really nice group of techs and preform a large range of tests for about a 550 bed hospital.  Shands Hospital is located in Gainesville Florida and the physicians work for the University of Florida.  We do general histology, histology involving transplantation medicine, immunohistochemisty and neuropathology and much more.  

Gainesville is located in north central Florida and is a short drive to either coast.  The area has beautiful countryside with fresh water springs and rivers excellent for diving and boating enthusiasts.

If you are interested please contact

Manager   -   Kathy Raker 

Mary Reeves HTL 

Elaine Dooley HTL 

Kathy Smith at Human Resources 

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