Static in cryostat

From:Gayle Callis

We have a problem with very low humidity in wintertime.  With mouse frozen
sections, I simply blow warm air gently into the cryostat.  I also have an
antistatic gun that looks like a 45 automatic pistol, commonly used for
stereo systems ( the old days before CD players!) and impart some static
charge near the block face.  DO not make contact with metal parts using
this device, it will give YOU a shock! When cryotat is set too cold, we
have more problems, we set it at -20C for majority of tissues, mostly
inflammed ones here.   

Blowing air into cryostat with human tissue might not be acceptable,
aerosol considerations and all, how about a warm, moist gauze waved near
block face, that might even give some humidity without touching any frozen
parts.  Also, dryer sheets rubbed near blocks, but not on surfaces where
sections come off blade and onto the knife holder. 

The antiroll device can be wiped a bit 

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