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From:"Wrona, Erin"

Hi Everyone!

My supervisor asked me to post a question to you all.  We are a small lab,
with 2 HT's and 4 lab assistants (2 part time, 2 full).  At the moment both
HT's have the same title, but my supervisor would like to have at least one
with another sort of title.  Both HT's do bench work.  The difference is
that one supervises the lab assistants, and the other handles the lab
budget, supplies, and QA records.  Does anyone out there have a title at
their institution for an HT who supervises lab assistants, but not the other
HT, or for an HT who handles budgeting and records, but not supervises?  I
know that it may sound trite, but my supervisor would like to develop at
least one new title so that if we expand and hire another HT (we're unlikely
to find one, I know) to do only benchwork, the current tech would be "above"
them.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Erin Wrona, BS, HT(ASCP)

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