Safranin O Staining

From:"Beckwith, Kelly"

	I've been working on a safranin o/fast green stain (for cartilage)
and only getting very faint safranin o staining in the articular cartilage,
though the growth plate in these bones stains a very bright red.  I'd
appreciate any advice anyone might have on how to improve this staining...
	As a brief overview, this is what I'm doing right now:
	Mouse knee/elbows/paws were decalcified in EDTA, formic acid or
nitric acid and paraffin embedded.  They were then deparaffinized,
rehydrated and stained with Weigert's hematoxylin, counterstained with fast
green and decolorized in 1% acetic acid briefly.  Following this, the
sections were stained for 10-20 minutes in a 0.1% commercial safranin o
solution (in 0.1% acetic acid), dehydrated, cleared and coverslipped.
	Thanks in advance.

Kelly A. Beckwith
Research Associate, Histology
Cardion Pharmaceuticals, Inc

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