Re: wicking pad for Tech.Mate 500

From:Colleen Forster

"CRME (Criss Meligro)" wrote:

> We have been using Vantana's wicking pads for our Tech. Mate 500 but find
> they do a fairly poor job..... we had some from another company as a sample
> quite some time ago and liked the very much but now we don't know what
> company.
> Is any one using pads that they are happy with on this machine?   THANKS!

I have a TechMate 500 and order my pads and buffers from Signet. I have had
very good luck with them.
1-800-223-0796 cat# 2360, 50pads/box @ $150/box. they offer a full line of
products for the TechMAte.
My reps name is JanetLee Beswick, X14.

Colleen Forster
U of Mn, Dept. of Neurology
612-626-2477 p
612-625-7950 f

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