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From:Frouwke Kuijpers

We use whole ratbrain, after fixation sectioning while frozen and than
stained  by the free floating method. Sometimes we use the vibratome, it
depends on what people prefer. There is no difference in immunostaining.
When we want to store the sections for a while we do it in PBS, 4deg C ,
adding 0,01 % Sodium-azide as preservative to the PBS. Sections can be used
a couple of month after sectioning.
Because Sodium azide is very toxic, we ad teh Sodium azide after sectioning
in each vial.

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From: "Judy Trogadis" 
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 4:25 PM
Subject: tissue preservation

> Hello, Histonetters:
> I have whole lung tissue, from rat, obtained by perfusion with 4%
paraformaldehyde, removed, and then further fixed in PFA [that's
paraformaldehyde ;-) ]  for 3 days. The plan is to collect thick vibratome
sections, so the tissue will never be embedded. I would like to keep part of
the lung for sectioning in the future and to carry out immunocytochemistry.
What solution should I keep them immersed in? Right now they are in PBS, at
4deg C  but I feel that some preservative should be added to prevent
decomposition. However, keeping them in fixative may reduce their
> I would appreciate hearing any suggestions from this very knowledgable
> Thank you
> Judy
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