Re: temperatures and immunostaining

From:Steven Slap

Dear Histonetters,

In 1997, I participated in a project at Deborah Research Institute on just
this subject.  We used a microwave outfitted with a fiberoptic probe and
varied the temperatures of the immunostaining reactions by just a degree at
a time over a small range of temperatures.  The effects were quite dramatic.
The results were published in Cell Vision magazine and in:

Choi T-S, Whittlesey MM, Slap SE (1997) Microwave immunohistochemistry:
advances in temperature control. In: Gu, J. Analytical Morphology: Theory
Applications and Protocols, Boston, Eaton Publishing, 91-114

best regards,
Steven Slap

Marketing Manager/Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Instruments & Industries, Inc.

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