Re: What's wrong??

From:Connie McManus

At 02:21 PM 12/5/01 -0600, Renee Escalona wrote:
>Who has time for histonet when there are Christmas cards to write out,
decorations to be put up, holiday parties to attend, shopping to do and
family to see?

And we're building a new house on top of everything else!  Doing much of
the work ourselves.... plus work in this lab just got bumped up to the
fever pitch zone.

Trish, I'll send you a card!  Gee, I'm glad you said something.  anyone
else need a Christmas card??

Connie McManus

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>>>> Noreen Gilman  12/05/01 01:14PM >>>
>Never have I seen histonet so quiet. Is it me or is everyone experiencing
unusual silence.
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