Re: Special Stain Controls


One easy way is to obtain some fresh placenta, slice
and dice, place in some microbial nutrient media,
innoculate with eg gram positive cocci and gram
negative rods (eg E coli), incubate overnight a/c
microbiology advice, add fixative of choice, process
to wax as desired.
Tony (in chef mode - sorry)

--- E Sharon Shields  wrote: >
Does any one have a procedure for making Special
> Stain controls by injecting the "bugs" into fresh
> tissue? Our pathologist have limited the use of
> diagnostic tissue blocks for control blocks.  We
> need to make some in-house blocks.  The microbiology
> department will supply the  "bugs" but we need to
> get them in the tissue and incubate the tilssue so
> we get a good control.  Any ideas?
> Thank you,
> Sharon Shields
> Baptis Hospital of E TN

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