Re: Movat's Pentachrome


I have not tried that stain on GMA but most stains that work for MMA work
for GMA, you may have to increase the concentration and times to allow for
the stain passing through the water permeable GMA.
Patsy Ruegg

Tiffany L Sheffield wrote:

> Hi all!
> Has anyone ever done a Movats Pentachrome on GMA (glycolmethacrylate). I
> know of the procedure for MMA(Methyl Methacrylate). The only thing is, I
> can't remove the plastic like you do with MMA. I am staining cardiac
> stents.
> Any ideas are welcome. Thank you all for your time.
> Tiffany Sheffield
> UT-Houston Medical School
> Department of Orthopaedics

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