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From:Ronnie Houston

My recollection of PTAH is that it would work well on routinely fixed paraffin
sections after a brief Mallory bleach (permanganate/oxalic). We also used it for the demonstration of gliosis, and usually stained both muscle and brain sections overnight at room temp. No need for any mordanting and beautiful results!
The trick was the differentiation in the alcohol  dehydration
The published protocol by the Botsford's seems too complicated and involved for my liking - exhausted after reading it - time for a Malt I think


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>>> Gayle Callis  12/07/01 10:12AM >>>
I always thought Zenkers (the mercury component being important, although
verbotten in labs these days) was used as the mordant for PTAH rather than
Bouins.  It is also my understanding, Zenkers postfixation "mordant" step
can be left out.  

Enlighten me.

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