Re: DNA stain on bone

From:nina leek


I'm not an expert, but if you simply want to stain the DNA to see where it is, try one (or more) of the usual intercalating fluorescent stains (DAPI, maybe acridine) and use a fluorescence microscope.  ISH is certainly
an option, but that is a different investigation ("what DNA is it?" rather than "where is the DNA?" or "is there any DNA there?").

Tot siens,
Adrian Leek.

Miranda Jans wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> I work at the Dutch state service for archaeological heritage management, where I am currently working on archaeological bone histology. This is often very fragile material so decalcification is not always possible.
> Is it possible to stain for (fragments of) DNA on sections of undecalcified bone? Or is in situ hybridisation an option?
> Thanks in advance,
> Miranda Jans
> State service for Archaeological Heritage
> Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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