Re: Cryostat static

From:nina leek


Your colleague was not superstitious.  The shoes he wears, or, more
specifically, the material the soles are made of, will dramatically affect how
much static electricity he builds up on his body.  My son, at a fairly young
age found that if he shuffled his sneakered feet on the nylon carpet on the way
to stroke the cat, he could zap the poor animal with a fair-sized spark if he
touched its ear.  The cat was not very bright, and never did learn to avoid
this.  However, I digress.
Another way of building up a static charge is to wriggle around on the
(plastic) seat of your cutting chair, especially if you are wearing a
disposable (plastic) lab coat.
So, leather soles (or take off the shoes), and tucking up the tail of the lab
coat before parking your natural-fiber clad posterior on the chair will
probably help.  A sufficiently powerful room dehumidifier will also work.
Good luck,

Adrian Leek.

C. H. wrote:

> Amylin,
> This is a very IRRITATING problem, isn't it! A while back someone posted a
> similar query.  I believe one of the recommendations, one that stands out in
> my mind, was to keep a piece of a Bounce sheet in the cryostat.  Never tried
> it though.
> A colleague of mine once determined that his cryostat static problems were
> associated with what shoes he was wearing that day.  Superstition?  Who
> knows!
> Cyrla
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