Re: CURIOUS - no reaction

From:Bonnie P Whitaker

There have been times when I felt I was more qualified to read some of 
the immunos or ISH slides than some of the pathologists that I have run 
across, but I would never send out a report with my name on the dotted 
line!!  I feel that the pathologist who ordered the FISH (or whatever) 
should at least look at, agree with me, and sign the report.

Just my $0.02 worth!

Bonnie Whitaker
UT Houston

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From: Laurie Colbert 
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2001 4:36 pm
Subject: Re: CURIOUS - no reaction

> I've been watching, too, for some comment.  Are histotechs 
> qualified to
> read the FISH?  Our pathologist wants the histotech performing the
> procedure to read the slides.  What are other places doing?

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