Re: Bone Marrow

Cliff Berger at Decal replies to me:

>>I read John Kiernan's reply regarding Bis-Chloromethylether and I respect 
it. Arguments can be made on both sides of the BCME issue. I will admit that 
we have never verified if 10% NBF and a typical HCl decalcifier actually do 
create BCME. I will leave that experiment to others. We just chose to err on 
the side of caution here.<<

This seems to be a clear case where science needs to proceed by experiment 
rather than by speculation. If these experiments haven't been done they need 
to be. It's time either to lay an urban legend to rest, or to find out that 
those of us in the field need to be a lot more careful than most of us are.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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