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Have you tried EDTA for about an hour or two?

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> Rita Riddle at Lexington [Kentucky?] Medical Center asks:
> >>I need help with Bone Marrow. We have been using something called
> Decal-Stat for decaling [sic] bone marrow. Couple of our Dr. would like
> better detail in decaling. Could you please tell me what you use to decal
> your bone marrow and the process like length of time and etc.  We fix them
> something called M-2 fixative.<<
> First of all, find out what the products actually are, rather than letting
> them hide behind their trade names. What in the world is M-2 fixative?
> First of all, marrows need to be properly fixed, at least an hour and
> preferably longer. B-5 fixative is preferable, but if it's not practical
> you, use neutral buffered formalin. Most people do use proprietary
> decalcifiers such as Decal (whose representative is a frequent contributor
> Histonet) - don't use "decal" as a generic term for decalcifiying agents.
> Whatever decalcifier you use, you must remove the tissue from it promptly
> when decalcification is finished, or it will damage the tissue. Most
> decalcifiers will do a bone marrow core in less than an hour. Return the
> decalcified tissue to neutral buffered formalin or to alcohol.
> Follow these directions and you'll get a block somebody can cut and stain
> satisfactory section of.
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville TN

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