RE: Spill Containment - Processors

This may not be the answer to your xylene spills.  HOWEVER our old tissue
processor, an  IMS  LX 300 did this last week.  I found a puddle when I
came in to work.  What we discovered was a hair line crack in the bottom of
the bottle.   You coudln't even see ther crack but after setting for a
while, you could see it leaking. After checking the rest of the bottles, we
found all three of the clearant bottles were dried out and had small cracks
somewhere in them.   None of the other bottles were affected though, only
the ones that held xylene or clearant.  We have tried to no avail to find a
place who still carries parts for this machine, not even bottles, so we may
have to scrap an expensive piece of equipment just because of the bottles.
Karen Dulany
Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
Omaha, NE

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