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From:"Monson, Frederick C."

My Mother spent at least two years of my youth drumming into me the need to
say nothing when something that wasn't nice emerged from the recesses of my
tortured brain.  My wife despises sarcasm, but for this question I must be
forgetful and negligent of their well-conceived and proper teachings.

Fixation Classification:  As long as our collective knowledge of organic and
biochemical pathways and mechanisms is so poor and histologists,
pathologists, immunohistochemists, flow cytometrists, histotechnologists and
journal editors believe that a fixative called, "4% paraformaldehyde" is
equivalent to "4% formaldehyde", why worry about something like a meaningful


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> From: 	Tony Henwood
> Sent: 	Thursday, December 13, 2001 5:17 PM
> To: 	Histonet
> Subject: 	Fixation Classification
> Hi all,
> Barry Rittman in August this year contributed to
> histonet:
> "Fixatives used to be described as additive or non
> additive.
> Additive fixatives are those in which the fixing agent
>  attaches to the
> protein molecule.
> Non additive fixatives on the other hand cause changes
> in the proteins
> that cause them to become changed, often used to be
> described as
> denaturation.
> e.g. formalin., picric acid are  additive, ethanol is
> non additive.
> Because of the complexity of fixation and the great
> variety of agents
> used, the terms additive and non additive are not now
> commonly used."
> The question I have been pondering is "What is the
> preferred classification for fixatives that we should
> use?"
> Luna suggested the terms hard and soft fixatives,
> basing his classification on nuclear appearance.
> What does everyone else think?
> Regards and Happy Christmas and a good new year
> Tony
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