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From:"Weems, Joyce"

I believe the issue would be - why is a cytotech more qualified than an HTL?
It is just accepted that histotechs read nothing, but it is time to start
changing that perception with all the quantitive testing coming into common
use. As with a cytotech, a pathologist would have the final say. Perhaps
that could be one of the things that separates a HT from an HTL. 

My 2 cents....

Everyone have a great weekend! j 

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I was unaware that a histotech would EVER read out results.  Having a
histotech who makes $28,000 per year carrying no malpractice insurance
reading out FISH is NOT NOT NOT advisable.  Any institution having
histotechnicians reading out cases is asking for big trouble.  In my
histotechs perform all the technical duties required to produce the
product, but it is read out by a well-trained, well-paid pathologist
carries malpractice insurance).


Glen Dawson  BS, HT & IHC (ASCP)
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I have been watching this thread (Her 2neu/ FISH) over thepast week with
some interest, wondering if anyone else would react to this but no one
I hope that it is because everyone is distracted with other things and

No one commented that at this one facility (quoted below) the histotechs
perform that method but are NOT asked to read the result.

in an earlier post (source deleted to protect the innocent!) someone
>>> 12/11/01 11:39AM
Our histotechs perform the staining procedure for FISH, but we have a
cytotech that is trained to read them along with a pathologist.>>>

it is not typically a cytotech's scope of practice to read out tissues.
 Why aren't histotechs reading out these cases????


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