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Before you even think about Triple G I would suggest that you check out their ability to deliver service and support.
If you want to look at a superior Lab System then contact TrakHealth - their histo module is excellent. This lab system is now installed in over 70 countries with major installations in Europe, Britian, Middle East, South America, Asia and Australia.
Like Triple G it is an Australian product, however, LabTrak is part of a fully integrated Hospital Information System (MedTrak) - it has a large installed base.
Yes, we have it in our laboratory and we are very happy with the histology module which includes a daybook etc.
Contact information is
telephone 61 2 93807111
Richard Powell
Lab Manager,
Royal Darwin Hospital
We currently have Cerner - not Millennium. It was purchased in 96, partly
because of what Millennium would do. Service and support have been so poor
we are choosing a different vendor totally, now that this version of Cerner
is being sunsetted. We are leaning toward Triple G.
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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We are in the final struggle of deciding on a new computer system.
The two
contenders are Meditech and Cerner Millennium.  Has anyone else
compared the
two systems, or recently went live with either system.  I am
wondering what
impressions you may be willing to share.  They both appear to be
systems, but very different in their software, and approach to

Thank you in advance,

Sheila Tapper
St. Luke's Hospital
Duluth, MN

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