HT Titles

From:Mike & Sue Becker


Saw your posting on the histoserver.  At the present time I an the only full
time histotechnologist in a small Mohs surgical practice.  My official title
is Chief Histotechnologist.  I have a BS in biology and both the HT(ASCP)
and HTL(ASCP) certifications from the American Society of Clinical
Pathologists who oversee our certifications in histology.  I supervise no
one but I "manage" the lab area-that is do more of the ordering and
documention and machine maintenance than my counterpart who is an office
admin assistant and part time tech if I am not there.  She is a

Why not make a hierachy based on educational background and/or edcuation and
experience or experience and call the Histotechnician I, II, III, or
Histotechonlogist if they have a 4 yea ra degree and experience to have more
responsibility?  When I worked at Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY USA I
went from an entry level Histotechnician II, the level just above Lab
Assistant to a Histotechnologist I, if I had stayed I could have been
promoted to HTL II  or because of my degree even Medical Specialist ( which
was an area supervisor for a specific work area-ie.main lab room, special
stains, immunos, etc.)  You can really make any descriptive titles you want
as long as it makes sense and is backed up by logic.  Good luck.  Your
question interested me enough to answer. Let us all know what you decide on.

Sue Becker, BS, HT(ASCP), HTL (ASCP)
Employed in a private Mohs practice
Albany, NY 12205

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