FW: frozen embryos for LCM

From:"Johnson, Teri"

Forgive me if this appears duplicated. I don't think it sent earlier.

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> Subject:	frozen embryos for LCM
> I need some feedback from those of you out there regarding the best
> way to handle/freeze embryos (chick and mouse) for LCM.  I looked on
> the NIH site and they suggest immersion in liquid nitrogen after
> wrapping in foil.  My question is, how does one mount this on a chuck
> with proper orientation without thawing the specimen and refreezing
> it?  Would it be more advisable to use a cryomold to orient the
> specimen in OCT, and then freeze and store it for subsequent cryotomy?
> Also, the site did not indicate what micron thickness to cut the
> frozen sections.  Is there a "standard" thickness for frozen section
> as there is for paraffin section? Or is it dependent on the type of
> specimen?
> Thank you for your help, as always.
> Teri Johnson
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